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Tom Cade testimonial for RUDAR Method


My name is Tom Cade and I want to discuss my experience going through The RUDAR Method for curbing my drinking habit this past fall 2017. I am very introverted so it is difficult for me to express my feelings and thoughts to other people even if I have known them for a long time. I knew Jack was working on The RUDAR Method for his own drinking problem this past year or two, so I was interested to see if it would help me in my own journey to a healthier lifestyle with less drinking in it. I observed how he was changing his life in very positive ways which I thought I could do it as well with his help.

I was very open to the idea of combining a proven nutrition solution with The RUDAR Method. By filtering out all of the toxicity in my unconscious mind and at the same time shifting my beliefs systems and dysfunctional behaviors in a positive manner to start to curb my drinking habit was very attractive to me. I knew I needed help in changing my previous behaviors but wasn't in a position to go to a private retreat program to seek intense treatment and I wasn't willing to join an organization which insisted I stand up and state that I am an alcoholic for the rest of my life.

In going through the RUDAR Method and protocol with Jack as a mentor/coach has opened up my eyes to a completely different world which is positive and loving. I now have a new lease on life and plan on doing better for the world and the people who come into my life in the future. I now believe I am in total control of my feelings and beliefs that alcohol no longer controls my behavior for the worst. I found that the weekly meetings for an hour and one half were enough time to go through the journal and talking about successes and problem areas that needed extra attention. Listening to the RUDAR audio every night helped me sleep better and wake up more positive to tackle whatever the day was going to give. Watching the various videos on nutrition as well as other videos specific to my particular challenges in life has opened my eyes like never before.

The RUDAR Method has helped me better understand how important the correct nutrient balance can help the body by promoting better health from within. I am now adding to my RUDAR Method other areas in my life which I would like to change for the better so I can give everything I got every second of the day. I am working on the following areas to increase my productivity and skill sets. In no particular order, Fear of success, Attention to details, Low Self Esteem, Communication.

My current drinking is no longer a habit. Now I drink once or at most twice a week, only a couple of beers or glass of wine. My future goal for curbing my drinking is to only drink on 2 occasions per month hopefully by the end of summer. Then down the road who knows, maybe be completely a nondrinker of alcohol. Like Jack says, it all starts with DESIRE.