RUDAR™ Method Pricing – Contrast Comparison

RUDAR™ Method

Typical Alcohol Retreat Program


$4,500- RUDAR Method Custom design and product deliverable:
Delivery time is four wks. Product design includes four - 1.5 hrs of consulting sessions.
Sessions in real time are 80 minutes. Initial deposit of $2,250 is required. The remaining balance of $2,250 is due upon acceptance of the RUDAR Method deliverable. The RUDAR Method Course is twelve wks: 1.5 hrs for each class - consulting session per wk. Class - sessions are complimentary with the purchase of the RUDAR Method design.


$ 30,000* (30-day retreat, room, board and amenities included). *Based on actual pricing for Southern California, January 2018.

Cost per day: $ 40.18

Cost per day: $ 1,000.00

Cost per wk: $ 281.25

Cost per wk: $ 7,000.00

Cost per mo: $1,125.00

Cost per mo: $ 30,000.00

Generally, no loss of income/revenue stream.

A potential loss of income/revenue stream.

Couples 10% discount or, $ 8,100 available for couples. Please contact us for more details.

Couples discount information not available

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