Intro to the Robinson Report

What is the Robinson Report's mission?

To teach people a simple understanding of THE UNIVERSAL LAW coupled with an easy method for applying it.

What is RUDAR?

The RUDAR™ Method and course are designed to truly assist an individual in curbing, or if they wish, nixing altogether their drinking habit. It is important to note it is NOT NECESSARY FOR YOU TO QUIT DRINKING while you are implementing the RUDAR METHOD, your drinking habit will adjust naturally as you progress.

The RUDAR™ Method is custom-designed for each person, as is with the twelve-week private formal interactive course. The purpose of the course is for us to stay close with you in order for you to become very comfortable in using the RUDAR METHOD, and for you to prove to yourself that it is really working for you.

Although the RUDAR Method works by focusing on an individual's primary goal, it simultaneously works on manifesting all of a person's goals. Not unlike the formal approach when working with a personal fitness trainer, or a national weight loss management chapter, these forms are based on scientific methods. The custom design of the RUDAR Method along with twelve-weeks of an individual's proactive participation, when properly implemented, virtually always leads to success. A major factor for success with these methods is in their design to be interactive and friendly. In addition, your whole experience is designed to be emotionally fulfilling. Last but not least, fun; fun for you to see results, fun to observe how your self-esteem and whole person positively shifts in every way. Most rewarding, is in the fun observing how your partner, family, friends and the whole worldview the new you. The RUDAR custom design Method and course protocol are similar in its structure.

The Secret Formula for Winning

Radiant Health

Youngevity the Ultimate Solution

Are you beaming with radiant health? The exceptional health you desire is yours for the taking. All you need is the knowledge and a proven solution to achieve it.


Curbing, or Nixing the Drinking Habit

RUDAR Training

Are you truly happy with how much you drink? Acquire the RUDAR Method to complete knowledge and understanding for curbing, or nixing your drinking habit once and for all.


Winning Coach - Jack Robinson


What it's not

It's not about the money. The world is filled with people with tons of money, many whom are amoral, and who are in very poor health, ugly in nature, whose children can't stand them, and ever so sadly, with no long lasting loving partner.

What it is,

It's about radiant health, abundant wealth, magnetic beauty, and amazing happiness. It's about having children that adore you and having the tenderness of a truly long lasting loving partner. Last, but not least; it's about living a full life with true purpose.


Jack Robinson is an Entrepreneur, Philosopher, Researcher, RUDAR teacher and secret Formula Winning Coach. He is also a devoted Youngevity advocate and host for The Robinson Report.

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