The RUDAR Method - Curbing or nixing your drinking habit

Curbing, or nixing your drinking habit one on one consulting is available. Click here for intro offer on consulting. Or, view the RUDAR Method Course Syllabus. Questions; drop us a line and we will get right back to you. or call 949-287-3606

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The RUDAR Method for curbing or nixing your drinking habit

Although the RUDAR Method works by focusing on an individual's primary goal, it simultaneously works on manifesting all of a person's goals. Not unlike the formal approach when working with a personal fitness trainer, or a national weight loss management chapter, these forms are based on scientific methods. The custom design of the RUDAR Method along with twelve-weeks of an individual's proactive participation, when properly implemented, virtually always leads to success. A major factor for success with these methods is in their design to be interactive and friendly. In addition, your whole experience is designed to be emotionally fulfilling. Last but not least, fun; fun for you to see results, fun to observe how your self-esteem and whole person positively shifts in every way. Most rewarding, is in the fun observing how your partner, family, friends and the whole worldview the new you. The RUDAR custom design Method and course protocol are similar in its structure.

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$4,500- RUDAR Method Custom design and product deliverable: Delivery time is four wks. Product design includes four - 1.5 hrs of consulting sessions. Sessions in real time are 80 minutes. Initial deposit of $2,250 is required. The remaining balance of $2,250 is due upon acceptance of the RUDAR Method design deliverable. The RUDAR Method Course is twelve wks: 1.5 hrs for each class - consulting session per wk. Class - sessions are complimentary with the purchase of the RUDAR Method design.

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Option to credit up to two consulting sessions: A maximum of $300 toward the price of the RUDAR Method design may be applied. Credit will be applied when optioned within thirty days of completion of your first session ($150) or second session ($300.)

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