Nothing you are about to read or learn originated with me. In truth, "The Secret Formula for Winning" is an attempt by The Robinson Report at a modern-day explanation of ancient knowledge and laws passed down from true masters to their disciples and students alike since antiquity. What the Robinson Report strives to offer is a clear and basic understanding of those laws, as well as simple and practical applications for implementing them. We have named this process RUDAR™.

The goal is to understand them, learn how you relate to them, and how to use and tap into this awesome power. These laws can and will, when understood and applied correctly, attract and manifest for you virtually anything you desire.

The Robinson Report expounds on my sincere belief that most people desire the same four things from life: radiant health, abundant wealth, magnetic beauty, and amazing happiness. The Secret Formula for Winning can give you that and much more.

I have spent the past thirty years or more studying these laws and attempting to apply them, sometimes correctly, sometimes not. When I did not apply them correctly; well, let's just say the end game was not pretty. But when I applied them correctly, they worked phenomenally. They catapulted me into the left seat of my own high-performance airplanes, into the pitch black of night, over mountains, into the clouds, rain, and turbulence, and then delivered me back down to earth once again, unscathed.

Applying the laws correctly brought me abundant wealth accompanied by all makes and models of exotic cars and beautiful beach homes complete with private gates and beaches nestled along the California Gold Coast. Applying the laws correctly bestowed upon me fabulous vacations around the world, wine, gourmet food, spectacular hotels and resorts, the works! What they did not bring me was long-lasting health, a forever-loving relationship, and happiness. That was of no fault of the laws. The fault was my own for not clearly understanding what I wanted and how to manifest and properly live a meaningful life of total abundance.

It took a very long time for me to untangle this web of mystery conjoined with the smoke and mirrors and nonsense that many of the folks out there who know better purposely spin in order to keep mankind in a state of high confusion. It has been my observation and experience they do this for their own egotistical and financial gain.

I can truthfully state I have untied this ball of yarn and have proven to myself that the laws work. I am now happier than I have ever been. I have thrown off the shackles of bondage, am healthier now that what seems forever, and am actively manifesting everything I have ever desired. It took a long time, and at times it was a difficult journey. But I can honestly say I am beyond words when expressing my joy and relief at the fact that I made it through and have literally lived to tell about it.

The Robinson Report is not intended to be about me or my journey. Instead, it examines and explains why we keep coming up short and what to do about it, beginning right now. So, without further ado, let's get started!